to my Self



How often did I leave you out in the cold

and wanted to lose you, let go of that hold?

How often did I let you burn

leaving you with nowhere to turn?

How often did I send you away into another one´s arm

knowing full well they would only do harm?

How often did I let you drown

but in the end I too was pulled down?

How often did I leave you alone in the dark with no eyes to see

alone with your self and your way to be?

How often did I look away, did not want to see your pain

but the tears also streamed down my face, leaving a stain?

How often did I hold my ears shut, did not want to hear

knowing you were calling but I was not ready feel your fear?

How often did I let you fall, did not hold out my hand

because what connected us was what I did not understand?

How often did I send you away with a lie

even though I knew we both would die?

How often was I not there when you needed me

or tried to fight you off like an enemy?

How often was I blind to your fears

and couldn´t see a way out for all the tears?

How often did I hurt you and me

and hoped that others would finally see?

But now I hold out both of my hands  with an open heart

and I ask you to forgive me and hope for a new start!

I have always felt it, your fear  and your  pain,

your believe in my was not in vain.

It took a long time before I saw

that I am your anchor, your ship, your door

and I am your safety net, your harbour, your island

It is not too late, please take my hand.

We have all the time in the world someone once said

I love you even though I cannot say it out loud just yet

Together we are opening that new door

Please trust me just this once more

We will both leave this valley, dark and cold

Together we will climb our mountain, strong and bold.





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