for I am

Photo Gee Vero
Photo Gee Vero

I kept silent all thoses years

did my best to live with my fears

I hoped and prayed I would live through

and one day be stronger than you

I stayed calm when you got angry and wild

for I had to protect my innocent child

no matter how much you hurt me, I smiled

for I had to look into the eyes of that child

I endured the screams and every shout

searched until I finally found my way out

I am not ready to forget for all the pain

forget you letting me stand in the rain

forget you forever putting me down

forget you letting me silently drown

forget the hell you put me through

but one day I will at least forgive you

forgive you for all the tears you made me cry

forgive you for telling me a lifelong lie

forgive you for being so cruel to me

because that is the person I want to be

someone who finds love in her heart

someone hate will never tear apart

someone willing to put old ghosts at rest

someone who feels truly blessed

because I found love in the end

and it is love that will mend

my soul and my heart

love is the end, the presence and the start





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