the colour of the wheat

I said I wouldn´t walk away, wouldn´t leave you, never

but now you´re doing the walking and not looking back ever.

I am standing still unable to call out or even look at you

and you are silent, avoiding my eyes too

so just like that it´s over, when we wanted it never to end

where did I go wrong, when did you stop being my friend

why are you so far away from me going further out of sight

I cannot move when I know what I should do is fight

fight for you, for us, for all we are about and what we were meant to be

should run after you, shout your name out loud and call you back to me

instead I stand here weeping and breaking apart

trying to hold onto you with all of  my heart

the colour of the wheat is all the fox is allowed to keep in the end

and I shall never forget your smile. So farewell my friend.


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