so be it

Sometimes I know exactly where I am supposed to be

yet I am not there

I am not there because I choose not to be there.

Sometimes I know exactly what I am expected to do

yet I do not do it

I do not do it because I choose not to do it.


Today is one of those days where I am being true to myself. That is the reason why I am being somewhere else and doing something else. I don´t know if what I do is right or wrong, all I know is that it is what I need to do, maybe even what I want to do. If it is wrong than I will know one day and I might regret it for there will be no way of putting it right. But I can´t  win or lose, there really isn´t a right or a wrong. But either way I will have to live with the consequences of my decision.

Sometimes all I know is that there is no way of knowing.


Happy birthday anyway.


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