back into my life

It is far harder and takes so much more courage to reveal and admit my insecurities than to hide them like I always have done. I need more strength to get in touch with people than to avoid them. It is far more difficult to think things through than to give in to reflex. It´s not the muscles that need to be strong but the soul. Each time I face what I fear most I amaze myself at how strong I really am, how confident I can be and brave I have become. It´s easy to give up. It doesn´t take any learning, anyone can do it. So it´s not a challenge worth taking on. Carrying on, keeping the fight up even though it would be understandable if I gave up, that is a challenge I am willing to take on. And from will comes strength. I have that will to succeed in my life. My life not someone else´s!

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