Phoenix rising

So I am on the ground again

waiting to rise out of the ashes but don´t know when

as always nearly destroyed, wounded, burnt

not everything lost, lots learned.

I will learn to fly, no, to soar

never accept, always wanting more.

I will succeed at what I do

something deep down I always knew

staying a believer is a hard thing to retain

there are times I think I will go insane.

That´s why I need to be ashes from time to time

it´s not giving up, it´s not a crime.

It´s gathering strength to fly once more

that´s what the ashes days are for.

So don´t leave me like that and pity me

just know that this is who I am always going to be

a beautiful phoenix and dark ashes in one

I am the black night and the red hot sun

I am what you don´t want to see because you are somewhere within me.

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