just another manic Monday

For starters, my Monday started to early.

Then I realised that I was € 10 short.

Then I got a phone call from Elijah´s Kindergarden asking where he was...he was 15 minutes late.

turns out Elijah got caught in a huge traffic jam.

Then I was worried sick for about 10 minutes.

Then the busdriver (idiot) didn´t stop at our bus stop and we had to run after it like idiots.

Then my mother passed on some totally useless information ( nothing new here)

Then we didn´t get seats on the train because apparently bags also have a right to a seat.

Then after loudly talking about that some people (bless them) did make some room.

Then sunshine came back into my day as I picked Elijah up from his therapy and

then everything went very well ( except for a stupid letter)


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