I am back

So yesterday, for the first time since this site was set up, I did not write a blog entry. Anybody notice? Probably not. Anyway, the explanation is simple. After 3 days of constantly being out and about, with people, talking and being talked to, having to function and being scared of making mistakes, my head was spinning when I got home last night. It will take a long time to settle back down to what is my normal routine but eventually it will happen. The phoenix didn´t go to ashes but it definitely had to land.I was very good in Hamburg but I will need to learn from this experience always in the hope of being able to be better in the future. 

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    Angret Faber (Wednesday, 12 October 2011 14:19)

    Auch mir schwirrt der Kopf von den vielen Eindrücken in Hamburg. Ich habe einige Anregungen mitnehmen können, die noch verdaut werden müssen. Aber die größte Inspiration war für mich, dass Du dabei warst. Danke!