To someone I know

so you say good bye

yet don´t understand why

you are letting go

cause something told you so

you never knew how close you came

but in the end you, yourself are to blame

too much you asked for and too fast

on this ground it could never last

to blossom a rose needs time and care

cut and put it in a vase, it will die there

a phoenix needs to fly free in the sky

held back on the ground, it too will die

a heart needs to beat in a rhythm of its own

something someone who loves should have known

the rose has died and the phoenix flown away

the heart still beats but you cannot stay

life tells sad stories no one wants to hear

sometimes we loose someone dear

but what we let go might return one day

it is up to what the heart will say

if once again the rose will flower

and the phoenix returns with all its power





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