how could you

Bareface 2009 who do you think you are
Bareface 2009 who do you think you are

how could you hurt us for so long so much

where ever was that promised loving touch

why did you never find love in your heart

and why did I not see it from the start


how could you do that, why hurt us so

and then claim to love us after each blow

there was a time when we believed you

but nothing you said was ever true


are you so blind that you cannot see

that this is not the way for a man to be

hatred hurts more than a thousand knives

why don´t you just get out of our lives


we have suffered for years because of you

for no reason you beat us black and blue

punished us for the smallest mistakes

left us laying in a flood of pain and aches


speak up and tell me now who do you think you are

what allowed you to leave each one of us with such a scar

it will take a long time but it will heal one day 

and I know one day all the pain will go away


you aren´t scaring us any longer

with every passing day we are getting stronger

you are nothing but an angry little man

go and question yourself if you can


you have no rights on us anymore

we were strong enough to close that door

no more abuse, no more harm done from now on

we can rebuild our lifes because you are gone


your shadow will also begin to dissolve

just as we are starting to evolve

to become who we are meant to be

a family, happy and finally free


(and if  you ever come near us again

I won´t be counting up to ten

so do not even think about it

you are nothing but a big piece of  s***)

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