Inclusion an illusion

Dear society,

you failed my son today big time.

Inclusion is only a word for you, a sound, nothing more.

I don´t need to tell you about the UN Convention for the rights of disabled people which Germany signed and which became law on 3rd of May 2008. That was over 4 years ago, so no excuses.

You broke this law today and unfortunately you will get away with it. But you do not even know that and what you have done wrong.  Elijah forgave you almost instantly that is the way he is, but forget he won´t. My art project to raise autism awareness starts next week. The Art of aptly named. It really is an art but you would be surprised how easily it could be done. If you would just be prepared to listen and to see with your heart. You know what - you need saving, not Elijah! He was as always the best he could be. I hope that one day you will understand. I hope that one day you will stand up to the challenge of being fellow citizens to autistic people. I wish you the best of luck,

until then I remain

yours sincerely Gee Vero, 


PS: Temple Grandin, another autist, says: Nature is cruel but we don´t have to be.

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