some new colours

It started a few months ago, I was beginning to see colours ... in people. Yes, people are made of colours, they are like packets of colouring pens. Unfortunately most people are just grey. Some are really small packets of just the primary colours, red, yellow and blue. Others are the average packet with red, orange,yellow, blue, green and purple in it. But a few are special packets with azure, cyan, spring green, green, chartreuse green, yellow, orange, red, rose, magenta, violet and blue. Not hard to know which ones I prefer to encounter.  But mostly it´s the greys and primaries. Sometimes the 6-pack of secondary colours and only very rarely it´s the magnificent special box of colours. Today I was lucky enough to meet one of those and thoroughly enjoyed it. Special people really brighten up my life. And kangaroos do too.

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