nowhereland is where I am from

nowhereland is where I belong

no matter how I feel inside

no matter how hard I try to hide

nowhereland is home for me

it´s the only place to be

running away never a solution

sad and late but the right conclusion

wasn´t I happy there before?

why then did I want to have more?

maybe it´s not for me to reach for the stars?

don´t want to have any more scars

so back to the only place I feel secure

my haven that I understand for sure

returning before it is too late

turn towards love away from hate

turn towards me away from you

it´s not easy please believe that to be true

it is the hardest thing I will ever have to do

there comes a time when it all has to end

when we realise there is nothing more to mend

when it´s too broken to try to repair

that´s why nowhereland is there

nowhereland is where I come from

and ... nowhereland is where I belong 




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