who would have thought

who would have thought we come this far

when we were told never to reach for a star

but we went out in a world we didn´t know

we put a smile on our faces so fear wouldn´t show


it was us against the world back then

thick as blood until you ran

never looked back to where I stood

I hoped but I knew then you never would


so where do we go from where we are

will we ever again reach for that star

together, alone side by side

how long do you think you can hide


I know you will never read these lines

I know you will never see the signs

I know you will never return to me

I know it all but I don´t want to see.


So I close my eyes and turn back the years

everything is back, the laughter, the joy and the fears

who would have thought it would come to this

it is you who I will always miss.


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