Imagine you were autistic...difficult, isn´t it.

Okay let me help you out here. Being autistic amongst neurotypical people is a little bit like defying gravity. You think it´s possible until you hit the ground at a hundred miles per hour.

Lifting yourself up again is a little bit like extreme sport.

You need all the strength you have and more to come back from that one.

If you are expecting applause than you will be disappointed because there is none.

What you have just done is of course close to a miracle but for any neurotypical

person it is nothing. They do it all the time without so much as to lift a finger.

Because it is nothing special to them, they will not be able to truly appreciate

your fantastic achievement. They will never know what you have to go through in

order to function resonably well, to reflect what they need to see. It seems that their

empathy is very selective and they do have a control over it.

If you are an autistic person reading this, then please carry on with what you are doing. You

are doing great. You are being the best you can be and no one can ask for any more than that.

If you are a neurotypical person reading this, then please use your empathy to put yourself into

our position now and again, walk in our shoes for a while and then step back and think again.

That will be one important step towards inclusion. As John Lennon said: Maybe I am a dreamer but I am not the only one...maybe some day you will join us.

Thank you!

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