the nine lives of my cat

One year ago today, my cat was run over by someone driving far to fast and left to die. Luckily someone found her and alerted us. I had never seen anything like this before. She did not look like a cat anymore and she did not behave like one. She was in such pain that she had turned into a mindless fury attacking everything and everyone coming near her. We did manage to get her to the vet in the end and were told that she wouldn´t make it through the night. Now you must know that she is a very special cat indeed she is the first being except me that Elijah took notice off. She helped to get him more into our world and he dotes on her. We could not loose her, she was irreplacable. So we decided not to put her down but to let nature do her bit ... or maybe not. She made it through the night and was back home the next day. But in what a state... words cannot describe what she went through in the next weeks. Now that she had survived the vet said that she would never walk again as both hips were smashed. It took months but she walked again dragging one leg behind. This was such a big problem as it kept getting injured that the leg had to come off. So here we are one year later, the cat laying on my leg while I type this. She has lost at least one of her nine lives and a leg. She is as lovely to Elijah as ever and he now kisses her on a daily basis. You really don´t need a dolphin even a three legged cat will do! Bless you Kitty, you are great pet!

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