breaking patterns

More and more I am beginning to live in a conflict. A conflict between being my self and being a functional adult who tries to reflect what I think others want to see. Is this really the only way of becoming a part of this world? Why are people so scared of having their patterns broken, their routines interrupted and their expactations not met? That is what I do - I break your patterns. I don´t do it to annoy you. I don´t even think of you when I do it. It is who I am. it is what I do. But you are expecting a different behaviour from an adult. By the way you look at me when I am being me, by what you say to me when I don´t conform, by the way you treat me you are changing me. You are forcing me to give up my way of seeing the world which I can never really do. By making me try you are breaking me. Like a wild horse. I do want and need your help but please whisper to me. That way I can stay who I am but show you what you want to see. 

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