The Land of Fear

Lest you know  2011
Lest you know 2011

Can you feel it right now, right here?

Can you feel my worries, sense my fear?

I am trapped, cannot move no more,

cannot run away, cannot reach that door.


Do you know what it is like in the Land of Fear?

I don´t understand what I am able to hear.

I cannot hold on for much longer

something inside me is always  stronger.


I get swept away by emotions I do not recognise.

I cannot see even with wide opened eyes.

I don´t know where I am or where to go

And that voice says: I told you so.


Do not judge me by what you see of me

this is who I was meant  to be.

Just be glad you are not where I am, not even near

For you wouldn´t survive in the Land of Fear.





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