I, me and myself - the old story again

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. Mark Twain
He is right you know - I was dead scared of a most confrontational situation today but once in that situation I was absolutely perfect without a trace of fear. Magic. Not really. 
I realised today when people say you have to listen to your-self and look after your-self it is not quite right. It is far more important that your self  has to listen to you, needs to be spoken to by you. I get it now. When people say that you become like your parents. I get that too. And it´s true. Unfortunately we don´t all have parents that we want to or indeed should turn into. But don´t despair the good news is, you can turn into whoever you want to be. So the greatest regret in life is not that you are not someone else, Mr Woody Allen, it is that you didn´t turn yourself into who you really want to be. Somehow I doubt that you don´t already know that. Thanks for reading.

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